Amy Burgoyne

synergy organic clothing | catalog rebrand


-Imagery doesn't reflect a "whole living" lifestyle brand. Nothing about this reads organic, fair trade or eco friendly

-Makeup and hair feel heavy and severe

-Disjointed font and branding

-Logo is encroaching on the model's head


-Imagery reflects a natural, light, airy feeling

-Styling is soft, natural and feels like an organic brand

-Lighting feels natural and not over processed or over edited

-Fonts and branding are clear, easy to read and feel modern and up to date


-Models feel old for the brand and don't look like Synergy's target consumer

-Layout is low impact i.e. Lifestyle imagery is on the left instead of the right with lower reader visibility

-Imagery is dark

-Poor editing quality (cutouts are done incorrectly and look "crunchy" around the hair and detail; boxes with labels under the table etc)

-Lighting and color are not balanced between the images

-Poor art direction (i.e. black skirt against black table doesn't highlight the product)

-Styling looks outdated and not high-end

-The words organic, fair labor and the story of Synergy in Nepal are all sparsely communicated in the catalog


-Models look younger and have a more natural look

-Page layout has been updated so the most eye catching lifestyle image is on the right hand side of the spread

-Lighting and color is balanced between images. Images are not over processed

-The word "organic" is added EVERYWHERE it applies (i.e. "cotton" is always written "organic cotton")

-Full page spreads are added to further convey aspirational imagery

-Copy text is added throughout to define key points of the brand

-Styling looks expensive. Outfits are accessorized. Shoes feel season appropriate.

-Fonts are updated throughout to be more modern



photo editing + retouching

All photos on this website (and in attached catalog links) are edited and retouched by Amy unless otherwise noted in the credits. Below are a few specific retouching examples.


-We shot this look in a cramped, kind of dirty bathroom that had the most AWESOME cement tile. There were all kinds of eyesores everywhere (i.e. air fresheners and light switches) and we weren't able to shoot the look as a landscape image like I needed.

-I adjusted lighting and color for this image and was able to replicate the wall (and that geometric tile) in order to get the spread width I needed.




-Balanced color and lighting

-Retouched skin and background

-Adjusted crop